Monday, December 26, 2011

Zippered Garment Bags

Hi All,

How many of you are like me when you purchase a new comforter, sheet set or something that comes in those clear zippered garment bags and you hate to just throw the bags away because you know there must be a great use for them?  I have become somewhat of a hoarder of these bags because they have too much useful potentialKeeping and using these bags is a great frugal alternative to purchasing bags or containers for the purposes I mention below.

I use large bags for the obvious like storing extra blankets, linens, and winter hats and mittens.  This is great because it keeps my seldom used blankets, tablecloths, etc. dust free and neatly organized.  It's so easy to just pull out a whole bag from the closet and not have to worry about knocking over stacks of folded items.  I use the smaller bags for toys like Legos.

The uses are unlimited... craft supplies, school supplies, hair accessories, doll/barbie clothes, Christmas decorations, etc., etc., etc....


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    I am glad to find this listing here, nice blog post. Good use of such bags to keep washed or dirty cloth for washing.