Saturday, November 12, 2011

Coupon Binders! Yes we sell them too!

How do you organize your coupons? With today's economy using coupons is something that is not an option for me. I have tried a few methods to organize my coupons, The first method was to clip the coupons and throw them in a file. That didn’t work for obvious reasons. Then I decided to use a binder. This works well for me and maybe it will work well for you too.
What you Need:

·  A binder

·  Coupons (obvious)

·  Baseball card pages

·  Dividers

·  Folders

·  A pencil case

·  A calculator

·  Scissors

Decide how you want to organize your coupons – by type (dairy, toiletries, baking supplies), by aisle, by expiration, etc. Then, create a divider for each of your categories.
  1. Stick your dividers in the binder, and place several baseball card pages behind each one (these will corral all of your coupons).
  2. Add a folder to hold all of the current weekly sales flyers (if your binder has pockets on the inside of the cover, you can use those instead).
  3. If you're a rebater, also add a folder to hold the rebates that you're working on.

Yes we are, BACK AT IT: Stacy & Jamie (2 savvy gals) will put these together for you starting price is $20 plus shipping. We will pre-fill your dividers out for you according to what YOU decide. You will also get a free binder cover with your name or whatever you want it to say. We also include a free insert of coupons (uncut).

All billing is done via PayPal. If you are interested please email us at

Once you email us and let us know that you are interested, we will email you back an order form, and then we go from there. It's EASY PEASY for you! We do not mind doing the hard work for you! We can only assemble a few at a time so therefore we only take a few orders at a time. Expected wait time: less than one week.


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