Monday, November 7, 2011

Sweet smelling laundry tip

I wanted to share a great tip with our readers about laundry! I have had some people ask me, how I get my laundry to smell so darn good? Well it’s easy...I use my homemade laundry soap recipe (under recipes tab) and here are the key secrets: 1. *I use Gain fabric softener. If you want your clothes to truly smell like Gain, (or whatever fabric softener you love)  2. Hang them up to dry. I hang almost everything. Yes it takes a little bit longer, than tossing it all in the dryer. But, the dryer sucks the sweet scent right out of it and it also fades your clothes & not to mention the dryer can shrink your clothes. I have a clothesline in my basement, and I also hang shirts in doorways inside my home. Here in the FREEZING Midwest, it gets dry inside our furnace heated homes. Try at least hanging your nicer clothes and see how much it helps with moisture in the air!
Bottom line, by hanging your clothes up to dry, they will smell better and they will last longer & not to mention you will save on energy, by not running your dryer constantly! Win- win situation!
*You can use your favorite brand of fabric softener. I have a friend who only uses vinegar and swears by the result she gets. I also only use half of the recommended amount.

See its laundry day at my house! Well with 4 kids its pretty much laundry day every day...

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