Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cranberry Margaritas recipe

I actually saw this idea on Pinterest, and fell in love with the idea. But, the recipe posted on Pinterest, called for ingredients that I did not  have, so I made up my own recipe, and it was a huge hit!

What you NEED:

Already mixed light margaritas~ your fav brand.*

Sierra Mist cranberry splash diet or regular*

Frozen Cranberries


Green colored sugar for rims of glasses

*If you would like to make this non-alcohol...try it with Crystal Light Margarita drink.
*I used regular Sierra Mist, and it was really sweet, if I make this again, I will use diet.
What to do: Grab your punch bowl and 1st add your margarita mix, 2nd add your Sierra Mist, (just until it turns a nice red color. 3rd add your frozen cranberries and sliced limes if you wish!

Wet the outside rim of the glass with a fresh lemon or lime wedge.
Fill a bowl with your green sugar and dab the rim in the sugar while turning it slowly and easy is established!


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