Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crunchy Mixed Vegetable Bake

Hi All!
I have a Tastefully Simple recipe book that I love.  The recipes are great and simple because of the convenience of using the Tastefully Simple products.  One of my favorite recipes from the book is their Crunchy Mixed Vegetable Bake.  It's savory and creamy and, even though it has veggies, it's great comfort food.  I normally make this at Thanksgiving but I was looking for a veggie casserole (yes, casserole, not hot dish -- I'm an Iowa girl!) to use some leftover roast chicken in and thought of this.  For the sake of saving time I'm posting a link to the recipe instead of typing it out here, but I've posted some pics for you to see the product.

The modifications I made were to use fat free soup and light sour cream and then add the cooked chopped chicken to the veggies (approximately 2 cups).  I also skipped the french fried onions simply because I didn't have any on hand.  I divided my ingredients in half and froze one and cooked the other.  This was my first time serving the casserole to my kids (they don't normally eat this at Thanksgiving, the little turkeys!) and they didn't hate it!  Although, they each picked out their favorite veggies - cauliflower for Miss Em and broccoli for Mister.  I now consider this a new go to for a healthy simple meal.

Chicken & Veggies Mixed
Soup Added to Chicken & Veggie Mix

Finished Dish                            


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