Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chicken Drippings

So, a while ago I made a roast chicken and instead of throwing the drippings away I decided to save them.  I called up my grandma (who is waste-not-want-not kind of gal) and asked her how to do it.  Yes, I could have Googled it but I'd rather 'Grandma' it! :D  I cherish her tips and way of doing things.

Anyway, this was so easy to do.  I poured my the drippings from my crock pot into a measuring cup.  I let the fat rise to the top and then skimmed it off.  Next, I poured the stock into a mini muffin pan and placed it in the freezer.  Once frozen I removed the broth from the pan and put the 'cubes' in a freezer bag and tossed it back in the freezer.

I used to use an ice cube tray to freeze left over canned chicken broth but the tray was hard to clean and I wasn't sure how much each cube measured.  Two 'cubes' from a mini muffin pan equals a 1/4 cup.

Separated drippings (the fat is on top and is the lighter color).

Skim the fat off.

Remaining drippings.

Fill the muffin pan.

Remove from pan when frozen.

Place in freezer bag and return to freezer.

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  1. One small tip, you can put the drippings in the freezer. This will help to set the fat and make it easier to remove.