Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No, really, it's October.

I cannot believe it's already October!  Making it even more unbelievable is this gorgeous weather we are having, which I'm unable to enjoy because I'm chained to a desk either working or doing homework... blech!

Halloween is fast approaching and coming even more quickly is my kids' family dance at their school on Thursday which is doubling as a costume contest.  I am unprepared.  Homemade, creative Halloween costumes are my thing.  I am not big on the pre-packaged plastic mask type of costume.  They're expensive and, in my opinion, not as fun.  My kids love brainstorming and helping create their costumes and it's something fun we can do together.  Last year, Miss Em was the Mad Hatter.  A trip to the second hand store, a call to grandma for supplies, a wig, a hat, and some cosmetics and we were good to go! The costume turned out great and the best part was the time I got to spend with her making it all come together.  When Mister was four, I made for him, with help from his Pappy, a Wall-E costume.  All it took was a cardboard box, some yellow vinyl, duct tape, and decals created in Word.  Four years later and he still plays with it; although, it could use some duct tape!

I don't think I will be topping these costumes this year.  We made a mad dash to Wal-Mart after piano lessons today to pick up supplies for their yet-to-be confirmed costumes.  Fingers crossed things come together easily and without tears... from them or me...  Even if this years costumes aren't as great as what we've done in the past, it doesn't matter.  We had fun tonight wandering around thinking of ideas, laughing and joking.  Sure, it would be easier (and quicker) to just buy a costume off the shelf but where is the memory making in that?

~ Jamie ~


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